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Company: Cockyboys
Last Reviewed On: 08.14.2012

Categories : hardcore action : foreskin : black guys : twinks : jocks : fraternity : latino : cum : solo : big dicks

Cocky Boys is a site featuring 18 to 27-year-old amateurs, jocks and some pornstars including familiar faces like Mike Roberts, Phenix Saint and Ethan Hawke. Some of the guys here are cute and some are drop-dead gorgeous. Believe me, all these guys are worth watching as some of them jack off while others fuck and suck on camera. I had a great time here on my last visit, and can't wait to see what's been happening with the site, so join me for a look at the member area!

The member area of Cocky Boys is very easy to find your way around. The pages are clean and there are no intrusive ads, misleading links or other bullshit, although there are links to buy DVD's near the bottom of the page. There are navigation links running across the top of the page, and above it to the right are Your Favorites, where members can save their favorite videos to enjoy again later. You can browse videos by category, model name, use the handy search box, or you can see the coming attractions and latest videos, listed by date. Cocky Boys adds a new video every 1 to 30 days (most updates are closer to 5 days apart but there are a few longer breaks between updates) along with a set of pics. Cocky Boys currently offers 285 exclusive videos, each with a set of vidcaps, which is 69 more than on our last visit just over a year and a half ago.

Each video is offered in several downloadable HD formats: MP4, WMV, Flash and Quicktime. There are 3 sizes for most formats, the largest of which are shown at 1280x720 at about 3 Mbps. These are good amateur quality or better, and there are also 3 sizes of streaming Flash. Last, there are 2 sizes of MP4's for mobiles - one that looks great on iPod/iPhone that will play on many cell phones, and one for iPad. All in all, a lot of video choices. All the videos are full scenes and DRM-free, and I did run into some oldish scenes that include separate interviews.

As mentioned, each of the Cocky Boys videos comes with a set of pics. These are vidcaps are shown at around 800x533, and quality ranges from so-so to pretty good quality for vidcaps, although some are blurrier than others. There's been a chance since our last visit - the site now allows right-clicking, so if you see a pic you like, you can save it for later. Some episodes also include a set of digital stills, which are called "On Set Images" and are shown at up to 1000x750.

The models here are in from 18 to around 26, attractive, fit and somewhat muscled but not muscular guys - in a word, jocks. Some have a collegiate look while others are a bit rugged with tats and scruffy facial hair. But pretty much every guy in this site is horny as hell and attractive, too. Cocky Boys offers both jackoff videos and hardcore videos. The hardcore videos have plenty of rimming as well as sucking and some serious fucking, the kind that says these guys are into real ass-pounding. I liked the feel of the videos - the guys seem to be comfortable and really into what they're doing.

You can browse by model as well as by video. Each guy's page includes a profile, a little info plus links to his content, but I didn't find any interviews listed on the model pages. One issue I found is that the updates are irregular, with a couple breaks of up to a month in the last few months, although sometimes updates are only a day apart. It would probably be better to space them more evenly so members don't go through two weeks or more with no updates. Something I also found a bit frustrating is that there's no longer a way I could find to browse all the interviews or all the sets of digital stills - you have to find them on the related episodes by clicking and clicking.

Cocky Boys has a lot going for it. Exclusive content, some very hot guys and large downloadable videos - it seems the older vids were remastered to HD. While the models here were all found in Southern California, a lot of them are from other locations like Florida. Most of them are jocks or college-type dudes that I loved watching as they sucked, fucked and jacked off. Each of the videos comes in several formats, including vids for your mobile, including iPhone. Updates are sometimes frequent - only 1 or 2 days apart - where at other times there's a 2 week or longer break between them. The bottom line - if you like what you see on the Cocky Boys tour, you'll love what you find in the member area!

Website Rating:

Content Quality 5/5
Site Design 5/5
Navigation 9/10
Updates 9/10
Price 10/10
Unique Content 10/10
Review Score 48/50

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Site Design: Refers to the overall layout, design, look & feel of the site.

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